What if you could learn professional dressmaking in half the time?

Sew Small. Learn Big.

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Our sewing courses allow you to create the same breathtaking gowns in a simplified half-scale form. Less material, less time, same valuable technique.

Do you...

Constantly compare your skills to others and get discouraged?

Look at amazing gowns and wonder how their sewn?

Always tell yourself “I could never make something like that”?

What if I told you developing sewing skill is a lifelong journey, that it all starts with practice and a little of your own magic?

That’s why I created these ravishing bite-sized dress pattern + courses. To feed your sewing obsession and make achieving your design aspirations that much more achievable.

Start Today

Silk is in your veins; tulle is practically bursting from your heart.

You have the passion & you’re ready to make dresses that WOW.


Your sewing skills could use improvement.

Finding the time to take on such a large project as a gown is hard. You worry about the material costs and finding space to work. Overall you're struggling with a lack of confidence in your sewing ability.

So, imagine if you could:

★ Focus on technique and lose the fear of having it fit.

★ Save money on materials, sew with scrap if you must!

★ Save on something much more valuable, time, by finishing faster.

★ Have every construction step detailed for you in video form.

★ Print and sew patterns easily with less bulk and paper, the planet will thank you!

★ Learn valuable self-critique and problem-solving skills first before having to sew for others.

★ Have the support of talented designer at your beck and call (that’s me!)

I Believe in You, and soon you will too.

Meet Britney, Your Maker Mentor

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