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Midnight Matte Black Fabric Shears


Sleek and sophisticated like a pair of suede pumps. These Matte black shears from LDH will blow your mind with their quality and style.


Handcrafted from industrial stainless steel and measures 9.5"


Aside from the material, our Matte Black Shears are designed to feel ultra-smooth.  The extra weight of the stainless steel aids in improving the overall control of your cuts, and is virtually maintenance-free (we recommend occasionally oiling your scissors).

Recommended Use

For use with light to medium-weight fabric. Great for sewing, quilting, and papercrafts.

 *This pair of shears is right-handed.* 

About LDH Scissors

A company based out of Toronto, Canada dedicated to craftsmanship. All their scissors are handcrafted and hand-finished.

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