Threadora mavens have silk in their veins, and tulle in their heart. You yearn to craft beautiful things but know the effort it takes to make a garment. You may doubt your skill and be weary to take on such a task because of the time and material cost.

Our patterns allow you to create breathtaking gowns in a simplified half-scale form. Each season is a new fantastical theme to inspire you. Their sole purpose is to allow you to practice the fundamental techniques (some modern, some couture) of dressmaking in an economical fashion. 

Sewing is therapy, but developing a skill is not meant to be easy. That’s why completing something you make with your own hands is fully, intrinsically rewarding. It just takes practice and a little magic.

Pursue it and we guarantee you'll love what you craft. Find out more about the courses in our FAQ.

Meet the Designer

My name is Britney King and I'm the owner and designer of Threadora Gowns. I began designing custom bridal, bridesmaid dresses and evening wear in 2010 as Elise Tonn Designs, a dressmaking business named after my Grandmother. In 2012 I started a Youtube channel to document the making of my own wedding dress. Later on I covered sewing, vintage and fashion and it has been a great experience growing the platform and sharing my insightful instruction on dressmaking techniques.