Oliso Mini Project Iron: Test & Review

When I saw this iron's size I knew I had to try it out on some 1/2 scale seams! It has some great benefits for when you things small. Thanks to Oliso for allowing me to test it out for you all. Their full-size version has also just released and is also super cute!

 Some Notable Highlights

The Oliso Mini project iron was super lightweight, compared to my close to 4 lbs industrial this was quite a breath of fresh air. Not that I don't enjoy a good arm workout, but boy, it gets tiring when you have loads to iron!

The steam capacity is perfect for small jobs, and heats up super fast. Watch the video above to see it in action.

Oliso Mini Iron Review

The style of the iron is overtly adorable, and the colors pop. The cord is able to coil around the sole plate for storage. I'm so going to love hanging this up on my wall using the hook on the silicone matt.

Check out the video to get even more details on the iron, particularly for sewing small scale projects like the ones in my half-scale dress courses.

Oliso Mini Iron Review