How to Make a DIY Miniature Dress Form

Want a way to display your beautiful half-scale garments?

The Magic Mini Mannequin: The DIY Mini Dress Form

I've created a new tutorial/course on Skillshare! It's an awesome platform with some pretty outstanding topics. This will be a sort of intro course to half-scale garment making and give you a lovely display for your Threadora dresses!

The above video is the free "welcome" lesson for a quick a preview of the course.

Read below for another way you can get your hands on this baby! 

This is how I made the pattern for the Magic Mini Mannequin so that it was a near duplicate of my dress for I use to create the Threadora half-scale patterns. If you want to make the form yourself you can get the pattern and FULL tutorial on Skillshare or by subscribing to my Patreon at Maven and Apprentice levels!

DIY half scale miniature dress form pattern

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